Preparation of files.

Environments we work in
Apple Macintosh (Mac OS X) and Microsoft Windows.

Software we work with

High quality PDF.
Adobe Illustrator.
Adobe InDesign.
Adobe Photoshop.

The pages of the project must be assembled in one of these applications, not as loose images on each of the pages.


Each project must include the fonts used, both for the principal document and for the EPS included. Do not send fonts that are not used or repeated.

Insofar as possible, do not use bold or italics in the application menu. For this style, use the adequate font. Example: Helvetica Bold


Accepted formats: High quality EPS, TIFF, JPEG.

All images must be in high resolution (≥300 ppi) and in CMYK mode, grayscale, duotone or line work. Never in RGB.

Never use the same name for two different images and avoid the duplication of files.

The image files must be linked within the application, not embedded.

Colour and model tests

We must be sent a final model of your work, revised and approved by you.

We recommend the performance of colour testing in order to ensure maximum quality of the images in the filming and printing process.

The tests should preferably be carried out by our company in order to ensure complete reliability that the results from the test will be the results printed.

Accepted media



External disks (USB).

Items sent through email or FTP must be previously consulted with the Pre-print Department.

Organisation of the work

Order the pages consecutively from the first to the last in the documents sent.

Double pages must appear as two simple pages.

Remove all elements that do not appear in the final project (Hidden layers, objects beyond the printing area, etc.)

Insofar as possible, place all images in one folder.

The size of the pages must be the final size.

Leave a minimum margin of 2 or 3 mm.

If the project contains special colours, state which and how many.

Do not use RGB colours in the applications as they will not be correctly printed.

Do not use filling styles such as patterns as they cannot be filmed.

In the case of triptychs, diptychs or polyptychs, identify the size of the bodies through folding marks.

Other formats

To send projects in PDF format, consult previously with the Pre-printing Department in order to clarify a series of necessary parameters.


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